Monday, February 4, 2008

Blue Morning

As I wake up this morning slightly hung over, I remember the events of one of the greatest games I have seen in football in quite some time. I myself was on the edge of my seat while cursing the Giants for loosing their lead over simple coverage follies to a short and successful drive and defense to keep their lead with 25 seconds left within the game. In the end, New York Giants win!!! Dwayne jumps up and runs around his house raising a Giants flag like it was old glory itself in the middle of the civil war, Tamara is screaming  "Get out of my house!!" in attempts to drown his glory. It looked so surreal against the shiny flat screen television. As she shuts off television,  I sat back laughing with my content on filling up with liquor, chips, turkey chili and 6 inches of a 6ft Sub and the satisfaction of watching a great game.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Back on the Scene..Crispy and Clean.."

"Welcome back Mr. Carter..." That's right people, the Stardowg Champion has returned to shoot some expletive deleted and share some thoughts and artwork, Photos and Happenings.. So my Advice is to strap in, because this will be a hella good ride!!